TEFAF Maastricht 2015

A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier exhibits at stand 240

At TEFAF Maastricht, 13 - 22 March 2015, A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier will be exhibiting for the twentieth time. The renowned specialist in antique Dutch silver and antique jewellery will present a magnificent collection that includes objects from private collections that have never been shown before. In their special publication "Ten for Tefaf"' ten pieces from the collection are beautifully illustrated and described. (voor Nederlandse tekst zie bijlage onderaan de pagina)

Ten of the exceptional pieces in the collection are described and illustrated in the catalogue "Ten for TEFAF", published especially for this year’s fair. These items are unsurpassed in quality, beauty, design, balance, craftsmanship and rarity. All these aspects come together in every piece. It is no coincidence that A.Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier has chosen to do this for TEFAF. Among art and antiques fairs TEFAF scores 10 out of 10 worldwide. The very best of what is on offer in the world of art and antiques is brought together there. And the same has been done for you in this catalogue. Emiel and Esther Aardewerk, the directors of A.Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier are looking forward to seeing you at TEFAF and showing you these and other pieces that score a perfect 10.

  • Dining Room Furnished with 18th century Antique Silver Miniatures
    Amsterdam, eighteenth century
    Various makers
    This dining room, designed after an eighteenth-century example, is fully furnished with eighteenth-century miniature silver.
    The table is laid for six, with a rare, complete set of cutlery consisting of six forks, six knives and six spoons. Between the candlesticks in the centre of the table is an equally rare oil and vinegar cruet set and a pair of sauce boats. The pièce de résistance is the wall fountain in the alcove, which can be closed off with two sliding doors. An actual fountain of this kind would have been filled with wine. Costly engraved glasses were displayed on the console tables around the fountain. During the meal, diners could take a glass and fill it with wine before resuming their place at the table. The set of six dining chairs around the table is exceptional. There is a silver fire back and a hearth plate in the fireplace.

  • Art Nouveau Sunflower Pendant
    Paris c. 1900
    Léopold Gautrait 1865-1937
    This elegant pendant was made around 1900 by the French goldsmith Léopold Gautrait. It is made of 18 carat gold, ivory, plique- à-jour enamel, diamonds and a teardrop pearl. The graceful femme fleur in profile is carved in ivory. Her hair is depicted in the flowing high relief lines typical of the Art Nouveau period. In her hair the young woman wears a tiny cap of green plique à jour enamel, set with small diamonds. The half visible sunflower against which she is portrayed is made of gold with brownish-green plique à jour enamel. The chain, which is original, also ends in a stylized sunflower motif. The removable loop attaching it to the pendant is set with diamonds, a very elegant way of rendering it less obvious.

Foto credits: A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier
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About A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier

A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier is a family-owned company specializing in superb quality antique Dutch silver dating from the sixteenth century onwards. The firm also deals in exquisite antique and period jewellery.
With its traditions firmly rooted in the city of The Hague, the firm’s history goes back to the turn of the twentieth century when Abraham’s grandfather started his own antiques shop on the Paviljoensgracht. Abraham’s parents later established their firm in the Lange Poten. In November 1970 Abraham Aardewerk and his wife Magdie opened the current showrooms in Jan van Nassaustraat in The Hague. 
Emiel and Esther, who were raised with antiques, joined their father in the business in 1995.
They are the fourth generation of antiques experts in the family. 

Emiel Aardewerk and Esther Aardewerk are the directors of the company.
They are both experts in the Dutch television programme Tussen Kunst & Kitsch. 

A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier exhibits at renowned international TEFAF Art and Antiques fair in Maastricht and at PAN Amsterdam.
The company is a member of The Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands (Koninklijke Vereeniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst)
and of CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art)..